About Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh

Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh, a Pakistani business tycoon, has made significant contributions to the fields of business, technology, and media. As the CEO of Axact and BOL, he has become a respected figure in these industries. Despite lacking traditional positions of authority, Shaikh is widely regarded as an unsung hero.

Born into a middle-class family on April 17, 1971, Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh worked tirelessly to establish Axact in 1997. Through his innovative leadership, the company grew to become the only Pakistani IT firm with a net worth surpassing $20 billion. He later founded BOL, which has 250 channels in 16 languages and millions of subscribers, making it the largest media company globally. Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh's philanthropic work distinguishes him further. He directs 65% of his company's profits to Aik Allah Kaafi Hai, a welfare trust he established and funds. The organization helps people in Pakistan and is self-sustaining.

Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh

Despite his many achievements, Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh remains humble and grounded, leading with compassion and empathy. Shaikh's success demonstrates his unwavering perseverance and commitment. However, his altruistic contributions are what make him an extraordinary figure. He sets an example of a prosperous entrepreneur, a pioneer of technology, and a media mogul who cares about his community.

Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh - As A Philanthropist

Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh is a principled individual who remains committed to his values, regardless of his achievements. He is dedicated to philanthropy, donating 65% of his income to his self-sustaining socio-economic development initiatives that do not rely on external funding. Through his contributions, Shaikh has played a pivotal role in the advancement of society, focusing on improving education, food and shelter, healthcare, and judicial assistance. His philanthropic efforts aim to address the most pressing issues of his community and create lasting impact. To achieve these aims he has worked towards developing such institutions like AAKH that focuses upon working for the community, with the community!

"Aik Allah Kaafi Hai" is a phrase in the Urdu language that means "One God is sufficient." It is also the name of a welfare trust founded and led by Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh. The trust's main objective is to assist the people of Pakistan in improving their quality of life by providing them with basic amenities such as education, food, shelter, healthcare, and legal assistance. The trust's initiatives are self-sustaining, and it receives 65% of the profits from Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh's company to finance its projects. The trust operates with the belief that one God's grace and human kindness can make a difference in the lives of those in need. It aims to create a better future for the people of Pakistan by promoting social and economic development the trust is actively engaged in pursuing this goal through initiatives in the following four sectors


Aik Allah Kaafi Hai Trust's initiative for Food and Shelter aims to provide basic necessities to underprivileged individuals and families across Pakistan. The Trust focuses on providing shelter to those in need and helps them secure a roof over their heads. It also provides food to the less fortunate, including meals, rations, and food supplies, to help them meet their daily sustenance needs. The trust aims to alleviate the burden of homelessness and hunger in Pakistan by providing access to the most basic human needs. Through this initiative, Aik Allah Kaafi Hai is making a significant contribution to reducing poverty and promoting the well-being of the most vulnerable in society.


Aik Allah Kaafi Hai Trust's initiative for Judicial Assistance aims to provide legal aid and assistance to the underprivileged and marginalized communities in Pakistan. The Trust recognizes the importance of access to justice and legal services for all citizens and is committed to ensuring that the most vulnerable in society have access to legal representation and support. Through this initiative, Aik Allah Kaafi Hai works to promote and protect human rights, prevent human rights violations, and increase access to justice for all citizens. The aim of the program is to enhance the accessibility and transparency of the legal system throughout the entire nation, with specific attention to cases with a maximum value of Rs. 300,000. The initial phase of the program has been accomplished, leading to the commencement of free judicial services throughout the entire province of Sindh. The subsequent phase of the program will entail expanding the service to other provinces, even in the most secluded regions, in order to ensure that all individuals can avail themselves of the opportunity to receive free justice. By providing judicial assistance, Aik Allah Kaafi Hai is helping to ensure that all citizens, regardless of their socioeconomic status, have access to justice and legal protection.


The Aik Allah Kaafi Hai Trust (AAKH Trust) wants to provide excellent healthcare services so that high-quality medical care is easily available to everyone in Pakistan through advanced automated systems. The trust thinks that it's important to prevent health problems, so they plan to teach Pakistani kids about healthy habits, so they can share it with their families and avoid most common health problems. The trust also plans to give 90% of all basic medicines to people for free. To improve the healthcare system, the trust plans to introduce better hospital management systems so that patients in Pakistan can talk to foreign doctors online and improve their overall healthcare experience.

Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh - As An Inspiration To All

Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh is an example of a self-made man who has achieved great success through his determination, hard work, and vision. His contributions to the business, technology, and media fields have not only made him a household name but also earned him a reputation as a true visionary. Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh's entrepreneurial spirit and innovative ideas have propelled him to become the founder and CEO of Axact, a leading IT company, and BOL, the largest media company in the world. His philanthropic efforts through the Aik Allah Kaafi Hai Trust have also made a significant impact on the betterment of society, with a focus on education, food and shelter, healthcare, and legal services. Despite his numerous achievements, Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh remains humble and committed to giving back to his community. He stands as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and leaders, demonstrating that success can be achieved through hard work, perseverance, and dedication to a greater cause. Along with his uncountable contributions towards the betterment of mankind he has also achieved some huge milestones in such a short time span which is truly remarkable. He founded 2 of the leading firms BOL, Pakistan’s no.1 Media group and Axact, World,s leading IT firm.


Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh serves as the CEO of Axact, a leading information technology (IT) company. Under his leadership, Axact has achieved a net worth of over $20 billion, becoming the only Pakistani company to attain such a high valuation. Shaikh is credited with transforming Axact from a one-room operation to a global enterprise with over 2,000 employees. The company has won several accolades for its cutting-edge IT solutions and services. The company has 10 business units that provide more than 23 excellent products to 2 billion users and 40 million loyal customers around the world. In 2014, Axact was responsible for 82% of Pakistan's entire IT exports, which were worth USD 355 million. Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh's visionary leadership has helped Axact stay at the forefront of the IT industry and establish a reputation as an innovative and reliable provider of digital products and services.


Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh is the founder and CEO of BOL, the largest media company in Pakistan, and one of the most significant media organizations globally. BOL has 250 channels in 16 different languages, 50 million subscribers, and 10 billion monthly views, making it a highly influential media platform in the world. Under Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh's leadership, BOL has become known for its cutting-edge media infrastructure and innovative content. The company covers a broad range of topics, including news, current affairs, entertainment, and sports. Shaikh's commitment to journalistic integrity and ethical reporting has earned BOL a reputation as a reliable source of information. Bol has brought about a significant transformation in the media industry of Pakistan by constructing the most extensive media infrastructure globally, comprising more than 33 advanced broadcasting studios. Being the initial mainstream media entity in Pakistan to transmit in significant regional languages like Sindhi, Pashto, Balochi, and Punjabi, in addition to global languages like English, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, and French, Bol persists in elevating the standards in the sector.

Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh is a living embodiment of success. From humble beginnings, he has risen to become a renowned business magnate, IT pioneer, and media mogul. Shoaib Shaikh's achievements are a testament to his unwavering commitment to hard work, perseverance, and innovation. Despite his impressive success, Shoaib remains grounded and committed to giving back to his community. He leads the Aik Allah Kaafi Hai Trust, which receives 65% of his company's income and works to improve education, healthcare, food and shelter, and judicial assistance throughout Pakistan. As the founder and CEO of Axact and BOL, he has transformed these companies into global powerhouses in the fields of IT and media. Shoaib Ahmed's story is an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and serves as a reminder that success is attainable through hard work, innovation, and a commitment to helping others.