Donate to become a Member

You can become a member of AAKH Trust by making a donation to the trust.
There are different levels of memberships based on the level of Donations made towards the Trust

Membership Types

1 Silver

Donations upto Rs, 10,000 Will fall into the Silver category.

2 Gold

Donations upto Rs, 100,000 Will fall into the Gold category.

3 Platinum

Donations upto Rs, 1,000,000 Will fall into the Platinum category.

4 Diamond

Donations above Rs, 1,000,000 Will fall into the Diamond category.

If you prefer to donate ANONYMOUSLY, your name will not be mentioned on the website or any other collateral; however you will be eligible to all benefits of AAKH membership as per the level assigned to. You can also donate in memoriam or in honor of someone.