Why you Should Volunteer

AAKH aims to make education, food & shelter and healthcare accessible and economical for all Pakistanis by bringing about complete, self-sustaining development that will equate Pakistan's educational, socio-economic and medical systems to world class standards.

Why We Need Your Help

When we hear the word "charity" we think of love towards our neighbour, love made visible as in service. We hear the word everyday; we use it and we may also practise it in different forms. But what does charity really mean?

Remember what Mother Teresa said: "To truly give charity, you must be free of selfishness!"

All this is done not out of duty or responsibility but out of the abundance of warmth and love you feel welling up inside you. And the more you give out, the more flows back in; that is the joy of love in action, the manifestation of charity. As long as you feel compelled to do something because it is your duty or because you want something in return, there is no love.

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