We plan to provide free education to 10 million children in Pakistan by bringing about complete, self-sustaining development that will equate Pakistan's education system to world class standards.

Education will be made accessible and affordable to all in Pakistan. With a vision for an educated Pakistan, AAKH intends to educate a staggering 10 million children, from across Pakistan by building world-class schools throughout Pakistan.

Students will be provided the best lodging, while studying with the most modern and high-tech educational gadgets, with 3 meals and a snack per day, amongst many other world-class indoor and outdoor facilities, such as horse riding, swimming, indoor gaming areas, basketball courts and a lot more.

about the school

The schools will consist of state-of-the-art Education Centers, Boarding facility for Students & Staff, Sports & Recreational Centre and Facilities such as Laundry, Uniform, Food preparation etc.


Education center

The mega educational project will be one of the top-level English-medium, co-educational school in the country catering to impart quality education among the youth with an aim to develop efficient work force.


Boarding facility

Our hostel rooms are spacious, clean and comprises of all the modern facilities and amenities that help in making the hostel environment jovial and compatible for the kids.


Sports & Recreational Centre

The School's sporting facilities will include multiple indoor & outdoor sports centers that will be as per Olympics standards. Our vision is to create future Olympians that would bring pride to the nation.

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The infrastructure would contain a variety of world class facilities that would include preparation of quality food, uniform, laundry and other services.